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London based DJ/producer André Alexander (aka HARIKIRI, aka LAZKA), began his career in electronic music at age 15 developing his skills, personal ‘sound’ and aural impact to such an extent that both commercial and underground circles across the globe are taking note. Initially focused on dark, technical forms of drum & bass, his focus has ventured into the 140BPM realm and other more exquisite forms of audio engineering.

In the two years since his DJ debut, his career has already seen him play alongside a diverse array of DJs such as Fat Boy Slim, Joker, Chase & Status, Icicle, Instra:mental, and Oxide & Neutrino, at a range of venues across the world including London’s highly acclaimed Fabric and Ministry of Sound nightclubs, and even in Beijing on the Great Wall of China.

His disregard for the genre definitions that restrict ‘regular DJs’ to a small selection of monotonous music has become a well-respected signature of his artistic take on DJ-culture, often covering multiple genres in way that feels seamless and organic; a fundamental reason why in Beijing he was among the nominations for DJ of the year after only in the city for a few months.



2008年底Harikiri开始了自己的DJ之旅。虽然时间很短,但多年制作人的经验使得他立刻声名鹊起,与 Feed Me、 Fatboy Slim、 Noisia、 Joker、 Chase & Status、 Icicle、 Instra:mental、Oxide & Neutrino 等诸多知名DJ同台,并成为伦敦最著名的电子音乐圣地Fabric与Ministry of Sound表演舞台上的常客。